Whirl The Dervish [on saturday morning smack-dab.]

I’m sure I’ve previously written that Kerri does nothing in straight lines. Dogga runs circles and I tell him he comes by it naturally. He’s just like his momma.

The first time I watched Kerri vacuum I felt as if I was watching and episode of I Love Lucy. She whirled the Shark in a rapid circle, a mad-cleaning-ballet, and was soon tangled in the cord, looped to a chair, and tied to the machine. The knot of Kerri, vacuum and wicker chair teetered and tumbled to the floor. “Do you need some help?” I asked.

These days, when the vacuum comes out, Dogga runs to the backdoor. He wants nothing to do with what is about to happen. I’m driving. I believe in straight lines.

We’ve agreed that it’s my job to use the cleaning appliances with cords. Her natural dervish isn’t dangerous when she’s not plugged into the wall. A Swiffer is safe. A broom. But, like any untethered tornado, it’s probably best to stay out of her way.

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