Surprise A Frog

Trust me when I tell you that there is no way for a fully mature frog to take up residence so soon in the pond. We dug the pond at the end of June. While we were away in August a merry prankster poured soap into the pond. Suds clogged the bubbler and mucked the filter so the water was rancid by the time we returned. The soap killed everything. A week ago we drained the pond, scrubbed the liner, removed and tossed in the garbage all of the plants, and cleansed the rocks that define the border. And then we refilled it with fresh water.

Two days ago while I was scooping the leaves from the water, a frog darted across the pond, stepped on to the rocks on the far side and stared at me. I stared back. I’m sure the frog was asking the same question that I was asking, “Where did you come from?” After a lengthy stare down the frog decided that I was benign and slipped back into the water. It had an easier job solving the mystery of my sudden appearance than I had solving the mystery of its arrival. I continued scooping leaves and puzzled the mystery.

I imagined that this was the luckiest frog on the planet. Perhaps it was plucked from another pond by a very hungry hawk and, being slippery, dropped from the sky and fell into our pond. Of course, we live 3 blocks from Lake Michigan (quite a large pond) and it may have hopped the distance, evaded cars, cats, neighborhood children, and just happened upon our backyard body of water. Though, I doubt it. I suppose the merry prankster that dumped the soap might have slipped in the backyard late one night and deposited the frog. I doubt that, too.

A few weeks ago we had a surprise visit by a bat. Bats symbolize rebirth, emergence from the dark into a new way of being. My reading tells me that Frog teaches how to jump with courage into a new endeavor and fully accept the new way of life that comes with it. It is a shamanic symbol, jumping from one level of being to another. In addition, replenishment, nurturing of self, and cleansing of old ways are associated with frog. I couldn’t have a more timely frog visitor!

The two symbols together, bat and frog, are potent affirmations of the path just behind me and powerful harbingers of all the good things to come. Maybe I do not need to solve the mystery of the frog and simply accept the message and the messenger. Maybe I simply need to listen. When confronted with a mystery the Balinese never ask, “Why?” or “How?” – they simply accept that this universe is filled with great magic and mystery and are grateful to participate in the conversation.

[911. Join me in inspiring truly powerful people. Each day I will add a new thought, story or idea to support your quest and mine.]

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