Lower The Drama

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“It’s the reason we invest in all the drama and gossip!” she said. “Wrap yourself in drama and people will see the drama and because they see the drama they can’t see you. Drama is a smokescreen. It’s a way to hide.” And then she laughed and added, “At least that’s what I’ve discovered about myself. And, even better, all that good yummy drama not only keeps others from seeing me, it keeps me from seeing me. And isn’t THAT the point.”

We are the last people to see ourselves. Horatio reminded me today that I am an easy target. “People take advantage of you,” he said. “You don’t see it but those of us that care for you do see it.” I wanted to protest but he was right. I don’t see it and I am always surprised and disappointed when it happens again. How could I not see it?

What do we do to keep from seeing ourselves? What do we do to keep from being seen? What stories do we tell? What games do we play? What addictions do we claim? We beliefs do we hold.

Her parting question was priceless: “Imagine what people might see if there was no layer of drama to obscure their view? What might we see in ourselves if there was no gossip to distract us?”

2 Responses

  1. Good article, David. I will be thinking about how my personal drama manifests. Is “people take advantage of me” a manifestation of your drama? Do you draw people to you who will? What benefit do you get from not seeing it until it is too late? How different would your life be if people didn’t take advantage of you? In what ways do people take advantage of you? Do ALL people take advantage, or just certain people needing certain things? So many questions popped into my mind that I wanted to share them with you. I hope they help you analyze this conclusion you’ve come to.

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