Show Up In Stillness

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It is the dark days of winter in Seattle. We are rolling toward the winter solstice and my inner bear wants to burrow beneath the blankets and hibernate. Is there anything better than a nap on Sunday? Isn’t it beautifully decadent to sleep in after a long stretch of early morning wake up calls? To stay in bed on a cold morning, read and drink coffee – my inner bear just groaned with pleasure at the thought; bears in my world love coffee almost as much as naps.

It is also during these dark days that I return to the necessity of stillness. It is easier for me to get quiet in this season. Persephone returns to the underworld and Demeter grieves so the world rests. We mortals bundle up and meditate on the year we’ve lived and the dreams we entertain. And when we wind down our reflection, we get quiet. This morning I stared out the window for a long time! Don’t ask me what I was thinking; I wasn’t thinking anything. It’s as if the cold and dark pulled the thought right out of me.

I associate inner quiet with health. To me, inner quiet is akin to the absence of war. I’ve exited the debate. I can be present to what is in front of me. I can see beyond the interpretation. In class a few weeks ago, someone said, “I want to foster stillness so it is the default mode.” Isn’t that lovely? What a gift to give yourself to foster stillness so that it is your state of being; inner noise as the anomaly. So much of our stress is a result of the story we tell; can you imagine your life if inner quiet was the norm? Another person in class said, “I have great choice in how I show up in the world. I think I will make it my choice to show up in stillness.”

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