Savor The Cake

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I’m fairly certain that my waiter in café at the Seattle Art Museum is the devil. He had the laugh; you know the laugh that I mean. I’m not certain how to check that I still have a soul but I fear that I just signed away the goods for a plate of risotto and some heavenly chocolate cake.

I’d just spent 3 hours with Judy-Who-I-Revere. My mind was reeling with Judy-inspired-insight. I wanted to stare into space and recount our conversation. I had an hour before my bus so I decided to treat myself to lunch at the museum café. I sat at a lovely table and had decided on the roast tomato soup with grilled 5-cheese sandwich; it was the reason I went to the café in the first place. I had a yearning. I had a taste. So I knew what I wanted before I entered the café. When the waiter came to my table he did not start with a greeting or a “what can I get for you today.” No. He started with, “It’s not on the menu but I know you would kill to have the special today. It’s a risotto. Oh, my god….” I laughed and said, “Well, if I’m going to kill for it I guess I better have it.” And that’s when he laughed. And it was THAT laugh, the one that makes you suspicious that you might just be signing away the invisible parts of you.

I moaned audibly when I ate the first bite. The people at the table next to me raised their collective eyebrow. I think they’d been married for a long time so in sync and unified was their brow antics. I moaned again with the second bite to see what facial gymnastics I might inspire. I savored every bite. The disapproving couple paid their bill and fled.

The devil waiter returned and asked if I wanted dessert. I never have dessert and I said, “Yes.” After looking over the dessert menu I asked about the cheesecake and he was enthusiastic while shaking his head “no.” I asked about the Theos cake (I’m not kidding) and he said, “Oh my god, the chocolate…it is extraordinary.” Nodding his head I found that I too was nodding my head and he said, “Great choice! I’ll bring some coffee, with the cake.” I continued nodding my head.

If the risotto made me moan, the cake made me weep. With each bite I wept and pointed to my fork; I was beyond words and wanted everyone to know what they could experience if only they’d order the cake. I cleared an entire section of the café. I’m sure my weeping and babbling was less than attractive. My devil waiter did not seem to mind that I’d emptied his section of tables. He asked how I was doing and I sobbed and smiled and pointed at the cake. He laughed and I shuddered and ate another bite. I couldn’t help myself.

When the check came I had that still small voice in the back of my mind say, “Pay with cash; don’t sign anything!” I listened and slipped some bills in the folder, muttering, “Don’t sign…don’t sign…” and fled the café. My waiter called after me, “Have good day!”

Outside, in the rain, I came back from my stupor. I stood on the street corner, checked to make sure it was the same day as when I entered the café. I saw that only an hour had passed although it felt like a universe had come and gone since risotto. I checked my pockets to see if I still had my soul. My gloves were there but no soul! Suddenly I remembered that I don’t keep my soul in my coat pockets. And then I felt very alive, looked to the sky and felt the rain on my face. I was fully awake, and knew that I’d had it all wrong. I had it backwards. I turned and went back in for another cup of coffee and a chat with my waiter, knowing that I’d experienced my soul in that piece of cake.

3 Responses

  1. I’ll have some of what you are having 😉

  2. delight meal with you. Next time lets do it in reverse, start with a good cognac and then work up to a soup at the end of the meal. You are definitely up for this, something we do for celebrations, eat the whole meal backwards. Some places locally that know us, give us a bill as we are seated for the meal we are about to eat. Try it.

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