Truly Powerful People (426)

Join me in inspiring truly powerful people. Each day I will add a new thought, story or idea to support your quest and mine.

Lately I’ve been practicing a new form of gratitude. I trace everything I eat or drink back to the plant. So, for instance, the cup of coffee I am enjoying: someone cultivated, cared for and harvested the beans. Someone carried the beans to a market. Someone sold them. They were carried again: lifted, shipped, lifted again, and delivered. The beans were roasted and packaged by someone or many people. The roasted beans were ground. They were brewed for me. Count the people involved in the experience of a single cup of coffee and it will take your breath away. What will further knock your socks off is to not discount the plant. Practice this form of gratitude and everything can be traced back to the plant. We are here by the good graces of the plants. Their health is our health! Now, there is something worth our attention!

For another thrill, take a look at The Biology of Desire; it will pop open your eyes about how truly intimate is our relationship with plants – and how these extraordinary complex life forms change us as much or more than we imagine. We like to think we are in control but, like most forms of control, it is an illusion. We control at our peril. When we participate, everything flourishes.

Martín Prechtel writes that we can only know ourselves fully when we know the origin and story of the seed that feeds us. To know our story we must know the story of our people. To know the story of our people you must know the story of their sustenance. This is not an abstraction. It requires participation. Our identity is told in the story of the plants that feeds us. Without this story, we are untethered, alienated from our community, deluded into thinking we control nature, constantly searching for where we fit and wondering what it all means. If you’re looking, start with a seed.

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  1. you are amazing, what great way too look at our food and drink. Being a gardener, this is a sweet song you have offered today as I plant and share with the wild animals.

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