Truly Powerful People (425)

Join me in inspiring truly powerful people. Each day I will add a new thought, story or idea to support your quest and mine.

It’s that time of year again. The crows are barking at me. I thought I would pass the season unscathed but this morning the dive-bombing games returned. To be clear: the crows dive bomb me, I do not dive bomb the crows. I have no reason to aim my beak at their pates and swoop in unannounced.

The attacks often begin with a rowdy barrage of crow insults. At least, I thought they were insults. To the untrained ear it sounds as if they are mocking the shape of my head or saying crude things about my mother. Crows are not subtle.

Since this has been going on for years I thought it would be a good idea to know what they were actually saying! Perhaps my assumptions are wrong! Perhaps there is a reasonable explanation for their barking and diving at me. It might explain why they pick me out of the crowd. So, after some searching I found and hired a crow translator (at the moment there is no app for crow translation).

At first, I thought my translator was crazy or somehow distracted. Her translations sounded suspiciously crow-centric. After a few translations I began to get the gist of things. It turns out that crows bark Haiku! They are especially fond of Basho, the great Haiku master because he penned so many poems about crows. This is what the crow barked just before aiming its beak at me (as translated by my translator):

The crow sits
on a dead branch –
evening of autumn

“Their seasons are all confused!” I protested. “Autumn? What’s this crow talking about and why do they attack me?” The translator smiled knowingly and said:

“This is not attack.
The crow desires your response
This fine spring morning.”

Great. The crows want a poem instead of my usual flailing arms and duck-n-cover maneuvers. All this time it was art that they craved.

Attack someone else,
My head is full of divots.
Nice shot. Hole in one.

6 Responses

  1. crow wants sun
    Raven steals fire
    dark feathers move

  2. Ha! Brings back memories of being dive-bombed by crows — the only time where they really got — an hour after I was fired (fired!) from the Center for Research on Women. Acronym? C.R.O.W. Go figure. Not subtle. And no doubt VERY prophetic.

  3. Too funny, I just had this experience for the first time a few days ago….there I was minding my own business when all of a sudden, Alfred Hitchcock came to mind…the crow was relentless….I looked like a fool running and flailing my arms…..what a way to start a sunny day, ah!

  4. Your friends could make a lot of money off of crow charms! Not long after moving from West Seattle, where I was continuously dive-bombed, to Issaquah, a crow began sitting in a tree just outside my bedroom window, taunting me in the mornings, cursing the screen that divides me from it. I would swear it followed me from West Seattle. No dashing to the bus under its watchful eye and talon anymore – I pile into my protective car in a closed garage then make the mad two mile dash to the park and ride. The crow doesn’t know that’s where I go and stand and wait for the bus. It doesn’t know, yet…

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