Truly Powerful People (352)

Join me in inspiring truly powerful people. Each day I will add a new thought, story or idea to support your quest and mine.

Here is a brilliant bit of noodling from the more than brilliant Megan. Note how many thought-tributaries come together to feed this deep river:

I am reading this book called “Where Good Ideas Come From” by Steven Johnson and he writes about the “adjacent possible”. From what I understand, this refers to the possibilities that exist as a result of a known combination. So, for instance, before there was life on earth, there were elements floating around. When two elements bumped into each other it opened up a new realm of possibility. Another example is a house. You walk into a room and there are doorways (possibilities) of other rooms that now exist because you are in this room… possibilities you wouldn’t have known without first getting into that room.

So feelings come first. I think that we don’t just go to feelings and then to logic, I think we go from feeling to logic. I think that different feelings unlock different possibilities of logic. Anger will result in a different set of possible logics than will happiness.

When we have a traumatic experience, a surge on our feelings, we respond by denying, covering, avoiding, manipulating. When the feelings get really skewed, the possible logic gets skewed as well. The more we demonize our feelings, the more we alter the possibilities of logic. In the house example, we are burning rooms.

Resiliency allows us to weather feeling surges without damage. It allows us to keep both our feelings and logic in tact. We gain resiliency from the “witness”… our capacity to observe our feelings without moving to alter them.

It isn’t our feelings that are the problem, it’s the actions we take to avoid, control, or deny them that do the damage. The feelings don’t burn down the room, we do by trying to get rid of the feelings.

That’s what Megan would think were she to think about it.

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