Truly Powerful People (351)

Join me in inspiring truly powerful people. Each day I will add a new thought, story or idea to support your quest and mine.

When Catherine uses the word linger, it is as if she is weaving a spell or a child savoring a rich piece of chocolate. “Don’t you just want to linger in it?” she asked as she giggled and clapped her hands. Regardless of what you are doing, regardless of what you intend, you can’t help yourself, you linger. I was sipping coffee and I found that the sip did not just pass through – I tasted all of it. Every rich nuance came alive in my mouth and send ripples to the ends of my body. And, she wasn’t even talking about the coffee!

She looks at you with eyes that see today as the first and only day, everyday a birthday. Linger in it. We were talking about nature and she used the word again, “linger.” Stop and look around. Feel. Fall into this delicious bite of life. Linger in this moment rather than just passing through. Linger in the smell, the sound, the sensation. Linger in the ferocity. Linger in the thought and in the heart. Linger when the heart breaks, taste every bit of this yummy bite of life. The sweet and the savory.

Catherine told me a story of a woman executive at a retreat who spoke of her yearning to be in a place where people have time to finish a sentence, have time to finish a thought, to see each other and relate to each other; to have time to experience the fullness of alive. We have the time. The question is, “how do we live it?” Life as an email has its drawbacks. Life lived according to the clock, the list and the bottom line is survival but is it living? If you have doubts about the meaning of your life, linger for a while. Like a frightened animal life will come to you if you sit still.

2 Responses

  1. Such a sweet post. ‘Linger’ has been on my tongue and in what I do all week David. Slowing down seems more important than anything else …

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