Truly Powerful People (324)

Join me in inspiring truly powerful people. Each day I will add a new thought, story or idea to support your quest and mine.

One of my favorite images from a story comes from The Crescent Moon Bear. A young wife is on a quest to pluck a single hair from the throat of the ferocious bear. After weeks and weeks of slowly moving closer and closer to the bear, after weeks of trials and hardship and loss, she finally arrives at the moment when she must stand unprotected before the bear. She does not know whether she will be eaten or whether the bear has grown accustomed to her and will allow her to pluck a hair. There is no going back. There is only one way forward and it is to meet her monster. Here’s the image: The bear towers over her and she slowly reaches up to its throat and plucks the hair. Immediately the bear roars! It roars and roars and all of nature grows silent to listen. The young wife stands very still. She knows that the bear is telling her things that she has waited her whole life to hear. She understands without understanding. In the face of her fear she is present and receives the boon. The gift cannot be understood with the intellect and must be received intuitively; deep knowing, transformation, can only be understood through feelings.

That is the path of profound change. It is non-sense in the rational mind. The sense is made in the heart. She is changed. She receives something that makes no head-sense but makes perfect intuitive sense. And, she understands.

What do we do with great change? We can (and do) build stories around our experiences to make sense of them even though they are, in truth, beyond the grasp of our thinking. We must make sense of it. The word choice is specific: we make sense of it. Something is different. Something changed. We feel it. We behave differently but can’t really point to what shifted. We are the same person but different somehow, perhaps more confident, more present, less harried, less invested in being right, more capable of giving voice to our thoughts. It is inexplicable.

And, the difference within us makes us different in our relationships, which, in turn, makes a difference in the lives of those around us. The transformation in one person transforms all the relationships in the community. That’s the point. The transformation happens within one and ripples through all. It is as inexplicable.

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