Truly Powerful People (323)

Join me in inspiring truly powerful people. Each day I will add a new thought, story or idea to support your quest and mine.

Lately I’ve been reconnecting with many people from my past. In some cases, two decades have passed since I last spoke to my lost friend. In each case, my long lost friend points me to the blog or website of other lost relationships – so I’ve been reading the blogs of people that I once knew. I’ve been reading the story that they want the world to see.

I’m no different. This blog is what I think about and it is unavoidable that it becomes a portrait of my life – a portrait that I paint. I emphasize certain parts, de-emphasize others, and you can be certain that there are some parts hidden from the light of day. I am crafting what you see just as the blogs and websites of my friends are crafted. We share our triumphs and awards. We withhold our bruises and nose dives.

I will probably never tell you about the plays that I’ve directed that laid eggs. I will celebrate my triumphs to the stars. Picasso is rumored to have burned many of his rough drafts so the world might him genius (as if he needed to help that notion along). In the old days we typed our resumes and this painful process was made more painful by trying to craft the language of our experiences: how can I make my meager life look more solid? How can I make my experience look more appealing? How can I make it look like I am a genius? This is how we story ourselves.

I love the stories my long lost friends are telling. They are storying themselves rich and artistic, curious and alive. In many ways it does not matter to me whether they actually believe that they are living the lives that they tell. What matters is that they want to tell that story and so are trying to live that life. It is what they imagine. It is what they aspire to tell. I am not inside their story so I don’t see the mess (and, thankfully, they are not inside my story – oh the clutter!). I only hope that beyond the mess they can see the beauty and poetry that I am seeing in their lives. It’s always there – just as they have always been there – and I’m delighted to once again step into their stories.

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