Truly Powerful People (319)

Join me in inspiring truly powerful people. Each day I will add a new thought, story or idea to support your quest and mine.

Last week we were deep in snow. It does not snow often in Seattle and when it does it rarely sticks down the hill at the water level where I live. Not so last week! I watched a neighbor cross-country ski around the block. There were snowmen everywhere; a veritable army of snowmen populated my neighborhood! Cars were stuck and roads were closed. Magically, it disappeared in a single night. A torrential rain with heavy wind erased the snow while we slept. Poof. It was like going to sleep in the arctic and waking up in the tropics. I was a bit disoriented and thought I dreamt the snow.

Today I walked the neighborhood to clear my mind and found carrots everywhere. There was a carrot in every yard. Some had two. The crows were trying with minimal success to pick them up. There is nothing more hilarious than watching a crow try to wrap its beak around a carrot. A symbol of ambition! That’s akin to me trying to pick up a pine tree with my mouth. I am not nearly as optimistic as the crows.

The carrot noses of the snowman army were all that remained as evidence that once things were different. Once there were snowy men with button eyes and twiggy smiles. Some wore vests. Others waved branch arms and were wrapped in scarves. Standing there, appreciating the carrot proof of snowmen past I couldn’t help but wrinkle my brow and ponder: we’re in an election season and I wondered what the candidates leave behind after the votes have been cast? What remains after they melt and move on? What is left after all of the character assassination, the accusations, the justifications, and the answer pandering? What did the good folks of Iowa or New Hampshire or more recently South Carolina find as proof that a storm blew in bringing snowy men with twiggy smiles and button yes and then just as quickly disappeared?

Of this I am certain: the crows would be loathe to touch it.

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  1. THIS is magical, this is so great and current. I love this. I am putting this on my facebook. thank you

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