Truly Powerful People (318)

Join me in inspiring truly powerful people. Each day I will add a new thought, story or idea to support your quest and mine.

You can learn to tell a different story. Change your story; change your world. You can create new patterns and see your life through a clearer lens. In fact, you can learn to see through your story; you can learn to let go the drama and resistance, the struggle and the emptiness. This is not new news: for centuries people have known that wholeness is immediately available when they let go the story blanket that they’ve wrapped around their experiences. Wholeness is not found on a path to some other place in the future. It is here and now: we just can’t see it through the security blanket of story that we’ve wrapped around our lives.

When our ancestors learned to release their story blankets they were kind enough to leave us maps to guide us. Paradoxically, the maps are stories. They understood that a “how to” manual is useless (remember, no one has your answer); the specifics of how they did it will not help you do it. It is a personal journey, each route as individual as the person that lives it. However, they understood that there are universal questions in every unique life-story; to participate (stories are a participation sport) in how a character in a story wrangles with the big questions will help you wrangle with the big questions in your own life. Our lives are mirrored in the stories that we are told. We know what to do in our personal story because we identify with the heroine/hero in the story. Their journey of transformation is a guide to our journey of transformation. Their follies and foibles give coherence to our messy passage. Their death and rebirth is a map for our death and rebirth. Their story is a call for us to step more fully into our adventure.

The most efficient route to transcending your story is through engaging with a story. Another paradox!

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