Take Note

from The  Yoga series.

from The Yoga series.

Things I love about life and the past 24 hours:

We ended our vigil and buried Kermit (our pond frog didn’t survive the winter. We hoped for hibernation but he was doing something other than sleeping). He didn’t make it so we took great pains to find the right spot to bury him. As we put him in his pond side grave, Kerri said, “We have to sing something.” So, we sang Kermit a farewell song. The neighbor stopped raking and held silence during the song.

I lost my voice on Palm Sunday so joked that, instead of singing, I wanted to do interpretive dance with the palm fronds. Suzi told me not to laugh because she once participated in a Liturgical Dance Team.

The owl.

Kerri misread a quote and instead of reading “life extends” she read “Life Ecstatic!” It’s become our mantra for the week.

Mike the Moose ate a stone. Pastor Tom said Mike would leave the stone behind one way or another.

The sun.

I learned that I could successfully eat skinny pop popcorn while reclining in a hammock.

Judy and I were talking about mistakes. She told me that if you weren’t making mistakes, you weren’t alive. On the same morning, Mary wrote and reminded me of a comment I made on our recent group call. I said: “Being ‘lost’ is an experience of living!” In other words, get lost. Appreciate the unique human experience of not knowing where you are.

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