Learn To Trust

StackedRocksIn 2013, I went on a pilgrimage of sorts. I blew up my world, destroyed my patterns, and let go of most of my possessions. I left my apartment, my relationship, my stability, my safety and for months wandered without knowing most of the time where I’d be the next week. It was (and continues to be) the most transformational time in my life.

Angels showed up to help me at every turn. They gave me places to stay, support, friendship, reflection, reality checks, hugs and dope slaps. Friends checked in; more than once I received a text asking, “Where are you? How are you?” People fed me. Homes opened for me. It was a year of faith training. Many times I stopped and said to myself, “You can’t see it, but help is just around the bend.”

Once, many years ago, Roger and I were walking the Lake District in England. It was pouring rain. Roger had a terrible fever and was nearing delirium. I was desperate and afraid and did not know what to do but keep walking. We were miles from the next village. As panic was about to overtake me, a motorhome (yes, a motorhome in England!) came bumping up the road behind us. It stopped, the door opened and a lovely South African family asked us if we needed a lift. The made hot tea, gave us towels, and talked about the wonders of the world. They dropped us safely at the next village where we checked into a hostel and stayed until Roger’s fever passed. That family saved me from my fear and taught me a lesson about generosity and faith. They are a minor miracle in my life story.

In reflection, my pilgrimage was a journey back to the living. I was as Orpheus, ascending from the underworld back to the light. I could not look back or I would loose an essential part of myself. Each step was an act of faith. As I walked my way back to life, my love followed, ever closer, until I was restored.

When I was younger, walking in the rain with Roger, I saw fear. Since then, I’ve learned how to place my focus, to direct my thought and my eyes. I’ve learned to see what is around me not what I think is around me. This year, stepping one day at a time, I learned again to look into my present moment. There is no fear in the present. There is only support, friendship, generosity and opportunity.

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  1. This is exactly what I needed today. No fear in the present…Breathing.


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