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title_pageTom was a man still connected to the rhythms of the land. His personal rhythms ran so deep that it scared some people. They felt inauthentic around him. He could see beyond appearances and roles. He had very little patience for pretense. More than once I watched someone lose their strut and cower in his presence. After the encounter he’d look at me and sigh, “Oh, for heaven’s sake.” Tom could see. He made me understand that I, too, could see. On a particularly frustrating day for me he said, “Your blessing and curse is that when you look at people you see their gifts.” It’s true. I can see. My gift is to help others see their unique gift to the world. I used to think it was mine to help others embrace their gifts, too, thus, the source of my frustration that day. “Don’t they see!” I exclaimed and Tom laughed. He said, “You can help them see it. The rest is not your concern. Most people will run from their gift. Most people are afraid of what they can be. You can open their eyes but they have to choose to believe what they see.” That lesson took me a few more years to learn. I can help people see their gift. I cannot help them believe in the power of their gift.

Last fall Tom died. In November I decided to let my blog-writing-fields go fallow so that I might at last publish a book I wrote in the spring. It is a book about seeing. It is a book about how to see. Originally it was meant for entrepreneurs but my trusty reader clan slapped me and said, “Stop being so narrow. This book is for everyone.” So, I gave it a new very long subtitle as if to say, “Regardless of what you do, this book is for you.” After all, everyone needs to see.

And so, as I step back onto the blog field, I bring with me my newest book and a vastly improved personal gift of seeing. The book: The Seer: The Mind of the Entrepreneur, Artist, Visionary, Seeker, Learner, Leader, Creator…You. It is available in digital formats (for ipad and kindle) though (if you want to publish and don’t know, you should check them out). The hard copy edition will follow soon.

2013 was a master-class in life for me. It was a hot fire. I met my most ugly self and also found the best of me. Although I’ve been able to see my gift for years; I’ve now forged my belief. So, if you can’t see your gift, if you are stuck in search-and-rescue mode, if you are running from what you know is yours to do, I can help. Start with the book.

5 Responses

  1. Having read the book through I have started again at the beginning. Last night I wrote down a dozen default behavioral patterns that no longer serve me (last year was a gift in that I was able to experience these in their most extreme manifestation). Looking at this list I realize that it will be a useful daily checklist… am I doing this… again?! OK, next…

  2. I have been checking every day since Nov. 9 to read ‘words’ from David…HAPPY me…you have been writing and are writing again.

  3. Welcome back! I’ve missed starting the day with your wonderful words, and can’t wait to get your book…happy new year!

  4. Hi David,

    I tried to call this morning and got your message service but when I tried to leave a message it cut off.

    Funny to get this blog this morning. For the last two days you have been on my mind. Yesterday I was wondering if you had decided that the days of the blog were done since there hadnt been one for a while. Last night I checked the weather in Kenosha and was horrified to see that todays high was going to be -6 degrees with a low of -11 degrees. Great timing in coming to Kenosha for your first winter!!! Then this morning, in my email, there was this blog so I decided the stars were in alignment and a call was necessary.

    It has been way too long since we last had contact and I miss you.

    Lets connect whenever it works out so we can catch up. I have a feeling there is much going on in your life. I will be downloading your book to my Kindle and look forward to spending some time with it.

    Happy New Year to you and Kerri.



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