Serve Your Gift

Each night for the past 6 nights, has read to me a chapter from Deepak Chopra’s Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. I was moved last night when she read in the final chapter, the law of Dharma, guidance and advice that he’d given to his children. He taught them to meditate at four years old. He asked them not to concern themselves with making money but instead to identify what was their unique gift and how could they might best give it in service to the world.

I keep telling myself to give up educational rants. I’ve banged the drum of hope and change for years. I watched the hopeful, the dreamers, and the revolutionaries get creamed by a machine that cared more for dollars than for children. I watched Lisa slowly get pulled into the machinery and get crushed; she was brilliant. She cared for children over politics so, of course, she had to go. I might as well have led her to slaughter. We talked about it years ago, this possibility of systemic rejection. Never-the-less, I am culpable and no longer capable of looking at an educator and saying, “believe.”

Last night I found myself wanting this man, Deepak, to lead the education reform movement in these United States of America. What is the use of testing the pants off our children if the adults meant to guide them are clueless to the things that matter? Don’t you just want to scream, “Your soul is worth infinitely more than the job your will trade it for.” A score on a test means nothing if you can’t put your feet in the river and know that you are unique and divine. Owning a BMW is just as empty if you don’t know your unique gift and understand how to give it with gusto. Don’t just get through life. Live it!

If you can’t answer this question, “What is mine to do?” then the education system has failed you. If you are oriented to taking instead of giving your community is crumbling. Period.

Technology has wrought a whole new ball game and the only people who don’t know it are the policy makers pulling the levers of education. The kids know. They tolerate the system and then go pursue something meaningful.

Isn’t it a great educational north star to ask these two questions: 1) What is your unique gift? 2) How can you use it to serve the world? If these simple questions were the drivers of your education you’d spend almost no time in your life asking yourself if you mattered or if your work had meaning. You’d know. The people guiding you would value your self-direction and support you in the giving of your gift. They’d be invested in guiding you to personal power instead of controlling you.

Giving completely your gift is the path to fulfilling yourself and what is the point of education if not that? And, wouldn’t it be helpful to learn how to cultivate inner quiet while you are young? Navigating this noise world, operating from a solid center, is easy if you’ve developed the skill of deep listening. Self-direction and self-regulation are qualities of powerful people and come from listening. They are qualities that we are born with. They are ordinary. Power is ordinary. Divinity is ordinary. Losing it to the little stuff is…tragic.

[899. Join me in inspiring truly powerful people. Each day I will add a new thought, story or idea to support your quest and mine].

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6 Responses

  1. Such a great post! Thank you!

  2. What an inspiring post! Thank you. It reminds me of the Frederick Buechner quote, “The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.” As a career coach, if I can help folks find their own answer to two questions, “What do you offer?” and “Who needs it?”, then I’ve done my own work.
    Deeply grateful to you.

  3. Great Post!

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