Let Go Of Zero

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Last week while I was in Colorado at my father’s 80th birthday celebration, knowing I would not have enough time to write, I reposted pieces from over a year ago. I selected them at random so it was an accident that many of the posts were about zero. Since rereading those reposts I’ve decided that I no longer believe in zero. Don’t get me wrong. I see the value of zero as a mathematical construct. I remember hearing in my middle school math class that the invention of zero revolutionized reckoning.

It was an invention, a representation of nothing. It was a starting point with no point. I don’t believe in zero because I’m hard pressed to imagine anything in this vast universe that is empty. This vast universe is alive. It’s energy. It’s vibration. There is nothing that is truly nothing. There is no such thing as less than one. It’s all one.

I saw a tweet from Kevin Honeycutt (I am a huge fan of Kevin. He is my brother from another mother) a day or so ago imploring teachers to see their students on day one of the new school year as the writers and artists and astronauts that they really are. Every single child is magic. Every single teacher is magic. It is our investment in zero that lets us see the amazing children and dedicated teachers as less than one (to think that they are in school to pass tests is to see them as less than one). They are the one. Each and every one of them is the one. There is no zero. There is no less than one…. So, join Kevin in seeing the one, the gifts as they walk through the door and return this fall to this thing we call school.

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