Celebrate The Return

834. Join me in inspiring truly powerful people. Each day I will add a new thought, story or idea to support your quest and mine.

Yesterday I was present as a very special community gathered to dig a hole. The event was the equivalent of a barn raising but instead of assembling a structure, this community dug a hole and made a pond. People arrived with shovels, plates of food, and bottles of wine to share. They came because someone in their community, someone that they dearly loved, asked them to come and support her. The pond marked a passage from the old into the new. She wanted her friends to celebrate her passage.

I can only imagine that digging a pond by your self would be no fun. It’s a lot of work! Walking alone through a life passage is no fun. It’s a lot of work, too. It’s necessary to do it alone and requires a lot of digging. It requires removing layers of dirt and muck. It requires stepping in new and unknown directions. Ultimately it demands releasing who you know yourself to be, creating space and living with the ambiguity of not knowing who you are or what you are doing. Walking a life passage is a process of internal combustion and internal reconfiguration. One day you wake up and understand that you are different. You have, as Rilke advised, lived into your question.

After the passage you return to your community. You are different and they must learn you anew. Because you are different you bring to the community the wisdom of your passage. Digging a pond with a community of support is a riot of fun and it is easy. People smile. They laugh and share stories of their passages. We dug our hole in a matter of minutes. The dig master had prepared the electrics. Rocks were chosen to line the pond. A liner was laid, water filled to level. A pump and small fountain was readied and placed. The community cheered the pond but really they were cheering the return of the person they loved. They knew that there is no reason to make such an arduous passage when there is no community to return to. The passage happens within the individual but the real boon is in what the individual brings back to the community. That demands a proper celebration.

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