Open The Door

784. Join me in inspiring truly powerful people. Each day I will add a new thought, story or idea to support your quest and mine.

…and since I wrote but never published THE OPEN STORY – and am now rediscovering it myself – I will publish it here in bits and dribbles. It begins like this:

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” Plato

Open the door called curiosity and creativity rushes in. Creativity requires no invitation. The door to open is curiosity. For most of us, curiosity has been minimized. Curiosity deals in questions, exploration and discovery. Adults want answers, goals and a plan so we pattern ourselves away from our greatest gift. Curiosity doesn’t have any answers. Curiosity deals in unknowns. The door may still open but the security chain (called, “I need to know”) prevents our creative spark from fully entering. Creativity will come home when we take the locks off the door.

The door is curiosity. The invitation is to creativity.

Here’s a bit of definition from the dictionary:

Curiosity: the desire to know (note: it is a desire, not to act of knowing…)
• Inquisitiveness.
• The tendency to pry.

Creativity: being creative. (What does that mean?)
• Originality (n.)
• Imagination (n.)
• Inspiration (n.)

Are you original? Are you filled with imagination? Do you inspire or are you inspired? The dictionary definition is not very helpful until you flip it. Creativity is not a place of arrival. It is not singular as in “the act of being creative.” Creativity is the action of a creative being. Here’s the inescapable truth and very good news: you are a creative being. You can’t help it and you can’t help it because the most natural impulse central to your being is your desire to know; what happens if…? Ask the question, open the door, and step into the unknown!

Consider these 3 tidbits:
1) You are unique in the universe so originality is not an option; it is a given.
2) It is virtually impossible for you to not imagine. Imagination is what you do. To feel into the future and to re-member the past is to imagine. To interpret your daily experiences is to imagine (interpretation is an act of imagination). It is how you know who you are. In fact, knowing yourself, learning about yourself is your greatest point of curiosity. Imagining yourself is your single greatest creative act.
3) To inspire means, among other things, to breathe in. To breathe is to exchange the stimulus of new life. It is to fill yourself with new energy so you can give new energy. Take a breath and pay attention. This is how you begin to know yourself.

These are not qualities that need to be achieved. These are qualities that come standard with every human being. You are a creative being. Curiosity is your driver. Do you know it? Is that your experience of yourself? Or have you closed the door to your creative identity?

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