Welcome Horatio Home

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Today I celebrate Horatio. He just passed a major milestone for artistic growth; he stepped beyond the finite game of win/lose and entered the arena of mastery. If you knew Horatio like I do, you’d put on your seatbelt. As this man changes his life he will change yours, too; that is the way with all great artists.

Years ago Horatio decided to become a filmmaker. When Horatio decides to do something he doesn’t dip his toe in first. He walks to the edge of his comfort zone and jumps. He threw himself into experiences and classes, read everything that he could get his hands on, he got behind a camera, made commercials, and learned to edit. He took acting classes, talked with directors, asked questions of everyone who might know anything about anything, he studied films and story structure, made more films, made messes and cleaned them up, wrote scripts, shot more film, and entered festivals. And like us all, he made the assumption that everyone knew more than he did.

Like all artists in pursuit of their passions, Horatio assumed that there was a right way to do things – and on a technical level that is probably true. Painters need to know color theory; pianists need to know their scales. Artistry assumes technical competence and artistry thrives in the fields beyond technical competence. Rules are learned to transcend or to be broken. Einstein never would have arrived at relativity had he followed the rules.

Horatio had terrific teachers gifted in helping him achieve technical competence. And one day, today in fact, he arrived at the recognition that he knew more about his artistry than did his teachers. His opinion of his work is more relevant than those guides that brought him to this pass. Today, Horatio became his own teacher. He is no longer trying to know “how” to do it. He’s recognized that “how” is a question that only he can answer; there is not a right way or a wrong way, there is his way. Now, the real fun begins. He is capable of beginner’s mind, the place beyond answers and arrivals, the place where every experience is new; the place where play is possible. Welcome Home Horatio!

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  1. “He’s recognized that “how” is a question that only he can answer; there is not a right way or a wrong way, there is his way.” Oh, how I love that sentence. So very much. Thanks David. I needed that today. 🙂

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