Stand In The Future

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What is yours to do in this life? I ask this question a lot in my work. It is the cousin question to, “What do you bring to life?” Most people answer with a version of, “I want to help people.” Somehow, they want their work in this world to be in service to others. They want it to matter. They want to matter. What they bring is found in the specifics; they open hearts with music, they serve to bring comfort as a nurse, they inspire curiosity as a teacher. They want to lead, to make better, easier, fuller; they want their work to mean something to someone. Alan has an exercise that helps identify what is yours to do; he calls it the future self.

Many people at first roll their eyes when I suggest this exercise but then are surprised at how much they learn: take a moment, close your eyes and stand in your future. Stand in the place where you are most fulfilled. What’s there? What does it feel like and look like? What are you doing in the future that is absent here? It is important to note that, not once, has anyone ever entered their future self and reported on their stuff; no one notices what they own or what is in their garage in the future; their report is always about what they are doing. Their report is often about how they see things differently; how they see, how they forgive, how they own their lives. They report on how they have actively and specifically created the life that they desire. And, often the life they desire is closer than they think.

When you go looking for your future self, take a moment to look into their eyes. Take note of the difference that you see there. Take a moment to ask this future version of yourself how they got there, what was the path to their fulfillment; that’s your path. And then, switch places with them; become your future self and stop pretending that your fulfillment is somewhere out there in the distant future. Step into it now. Own it now. Look at yourself through the eyes of your future self; what do you see? Is every action, big and small, in service to “what is yours to do in this life?” Why not?

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  1. got it!!!!

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