Write A Taxonomy

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I am working on a project design team and after a terrific discussion on schema, scaffolding and multiple dimensions – there is so much poetry in these words! – our fearless leader asked me to write a taxonomy of intention. Roll that phrase around in your mouth and mind: a taxonomy of intention. Delicious!

Here is my short list:

Intention is the organizing principle. It leads and defines action. It is impossible to take an action without having an intention.

Intention has a direction. You can move toward what you want to create or you can run from what you don’t want. Both directions are intentional and both lead to specific paths and choices.

Depending upon your direction of intention, you will either split your intention – running away from what you don’t want splits your intention; or clarify it – moving toward what you want focuses your intention.

• Moving toward what we want to create brings clarity; our actions align with our intention. This is sometimes called “flow.”

• When pushing against what we don’t want, our actions are by definition conflicted and out of directional alignment; we become reactive. Our intention splits. This is sometimes called “stuck” or “blocked.”

• The question always comes down to this: Are you defining yourself (your actions) through what you imagine, through what you desire to create; do you recognize yourself as bringing your desire/passion to life. Or, do you know yourself through what you resist; do you believe that life is happening to you? It is merely a matter of the direction you give to your intention.

Intention IS the direction we give to our choices. We orient according to what we want to create or we orient according to what we resist and don’t want. One direction brings clarity of choice and the other direction splits us, bringing confusion and reactivity.

This distinction becomes vital when you realize that you are making meaning, not looking for it. So, intention is central to meaning making.

The purpose of a clear intention is dynamic, energized relationships (the space between two actors is made dynamic with clear intention, made muddy with a split intention. This principle holds in business, science, and life as well as art).

Great art is an expression of a clear intention especially when the intention is to get out of your own way, get your foot off the brakes, and let your big, potent, natural voice come through.

You will learn a lot about your intention when you recognize that you choose where you place your focus: a focus on the crap, on what’s wrong, is a good sign of resistance. A focus on potential, opportunity, choice or “what’s right” is a sign of walking toward what you want to create

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