Ache If You Dare

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Have you ever loved so much that you ached? Once, I stood atop a mountain over 12,000 feet and the expansive world before me was so beautiful that it hurt. Last week I stood before a painting, an aboriginal dreamtime and I was suddenly weeping. It took my breath away. And in the absence of breath it gave me life and dreaming. It made me ache.

Once I was in an airplane that lost most of its power. We limped into the airport. Like my fellow passengers when I was again safely on the ground I had a complete and utter love and appreciation of my life. I ached with the magnificence of it all. I wanted to dance with the joy of being alive.

Each of us will have a moment when we have only a few breaths remaining, a few moments before we shut our eyes and bodies to this life. I imagine those moments will be filled with aching, with the understanding (if it has not come before) of how immense and precious this life is. I will remember holding a hand, blue eyes, mountaintops, umbrella’s in Bali, seawalls, late night pizza and beer, an aria sung just for me.

Long ago I decided not to wait until those last few moments to realize the enormity of it all. I intend to ache everyday with the utter intensity of being alive.

3 Responses

  1. I just had that experience, David, with the profound beauty of a basketful of vegetables we harvested from the garden. I was awestruck by the colors and shapes, the vibrant health, and the knowledge that the earth feeds me so effortlessly – that the bees and other insects conspire for the benefit of all living beings.

  2. Wow, David. That is beautiful. Beautiful. Thank you so, so much for sharing your words and the way the world looks through your eyes. Love…

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