Truly Powerful People (441)

Join me in inspiring truly powerful people. Each day I will add a new thought, story or idea to support your quest and mine.

Today the world has me shaking. It’s cold in Seattle but these shivers have nothing to do with temperature. Sometimes I am so overwhelmed by the beauty and immensity of living and feeling that I quake: too much energy through too small a wire.

I was walking and thinking about the people I love and those that love me (it’s a great practice – give it a try) when an eagle flew 3 feet above my head pursued by a murder of crows. The eagle seemed to be playing with them, a game of chase and for some reason I was included in the game! It was as if the eagle used me as a post or tree; a spot to circle around, change directions and confuse the crows. The eagle looped back to me several times, each time changing directions just above me. The frustrated crows slamming on the breaks, skidding through too-fast-direction changes, swerving chaos trying not to knock each other out of the sky. I have an antagonistic relationship with the crows so I appreciated the eagle’s game more than I ought: I imagined the crows as Keystone Cops chasing an eagle-Charlie Chaplin and roared with laughter.

I stood still to better play my part (plus, I was enrapt by the antics). Paradox alert: In my stillness the entire universe came into focus, which means everything lost its distinction. Clarity is indistinct. I was no longer a watcher or a participant. The eagles and the crows and the Sound moved as if in sync; it was a ballet; a dance of giving and receiving. It was one motion -or better – one being in motion. I was so stunned and overwhelmed that my body, my little piece of the infinite universe, started shaking.

I sat down and this thought slammed to the front of the line: Perhaps it is not too much energy through too small a wire. Perhaps the shaking has nothing to do with capacity. Perhaps it is an invitation to love and play: too much desire for life and too little practice embracing it. Perhaps the shaking is my little piece of the infinite universe opening to the dance.

6 Responses

  1. amazing wowza! and send the eagle home, thanks

  2. David, you’re becoming a bodhisattva, so clear within that there seems to be nothing between your experience and your words. Exquisite, a gift.

    I love your story. It opens mine. When I have (rarely) had a visceral reaction to beauty, I call it grace. Not sure why; I’ll live into it. Yes, inviting me to dance! Grace will be my word for today. And here’s to practicing.

  3. The taproot of the Wisdom Tradition is ‘pay attention, slow down, be still’, it seems the ancients advanced towards you today, a powerful offering was laid at your feet……perhaps the opening was created as you were mindful of love(?)
    Regarding capacity, we already know that your greatness was far too great for the Raven, Clouds and Sea to contain you…

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