Truly Powerful People (413)

Join me in inspiring truly powerful people. Each day I will add a new thought, story or idea to support your quest and mine.

During a recent Transformational Presence Leadership call I referenced a story concept that is important for doing the work of transformation: embrace the wolf. In the story of Red Riding Hood, the wolf is the character that drives the story forward. Without the wolf there is no story, no action, no catalyst, or creative tension. Without the wolf there is no transformation.

What is true in the story of Red Riding Hood is also true in our lives. The wolf drives the story forward yet we dedicate much of our time and energy attempting to eliminate the wolf from our story. If we are not trying to eliminate the wolf we at least try to neutralize it, avoid it, or pretend that it is not there. In protecting ourselves against the wolf we inhibit our growth and stall our capacity for change.

Wolves bring discomfort and disequilibrium. Wolves bring conflict and doubt. No one willingly seeks discomfort yet if the wolf is the catalyst then we must learn to walk toward the discomfort and utilize the creative tension. The common mistake we make in our lives and businesses is to believe that discomfort indicates that something is wrong, that we’ve lost control. That may be the case sometimes but more often discomfort signals that something is right; there’s movement into the unknown!

Investments in keeping our experiences safely cotained within The Comfort Zone, in balance, stasis, equilibrium of process at all times, is a recipe for stagnation. Wanting to be in the Comfort Zone all the time is the equivalent of Red Riding Hood never setting out on her journey to Grandma’s house. It is like trying to stop the seasons because you want to live in summer all of the time.

The comfort zone serves a purpose: there are seasons for balance, maintenance, and stability. There are also seasons for movement, growth and change. And, because we are deeply invested in maintaining control and staying in our comfort zone we need to be kicked out of the nest, we need to be knocked off balance, and compelled to leave the safety of the comfort zone in order to grow. That’s the role of the wolf in our story.

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  1. I can hear the howl.

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