Truly Powerful People (367)

Join me in inspiring truly powerful people. Each day I will add a new thought, story or idea to support your quest and mine.

“What walks you?”

I had a Bowenwork session with Scott and after a particularly powerful move he asked me to walk across the room to integrate the work. Watching how I walked after the adjustment, he asked this question, “What walks you?” At first I thought he misspoke or left a word out of his question. I thought he meant to ask, “What walks with you?”

He smiled at my look of puzzlement. Scott is 3 parts trickster, a joy monger with eyes that see behind the thickest mask; his questions pierce the sturdiest armor. This question was exact, a bolt from a crossbow. His grin blossomed to full Cheshire as my look of puzzlement slowly morphed into wide-eyed understanding.

Prior to the appointment I was feeling exhausted. I’ve been working hard, putting out lots of energy to create a new business and not yet seeing much return. I felt overwhelmed. This past year I have not had much room in my heart for play.

I carry within me the puritan story. My people are Iowa farmers and Colorado gold rush miners: work hard for little gain. Grind it out. Hard work makes honest people; little gain keeps people honest. However much I’ve tried to shed the narrative it is a story I have carried forward. Gain too much, live too easily and the story falls apart. Overwhelm is structural mechanism to keep the limiting story intact.

“Is it play that walks you? Anxiety? Is it ‘running late’ that walks you? Is it ‘do more’ that walks you? Is it fear?” He paused, eyes twinkling. “It’s just a story,” Scott said, reading my thoughts. “Is it what you want to walk you?”

You tell the story and in turn the story tell you. “Why not let play walk you?” he asked. “Why hold back what really wants to move you?”

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  1. I love this question. What walks me in independence,I know that, I love that finally.

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