Truly Powerful People (360)

Join me in inspiring truly powerful people. Each day I will add a new thought, story or idea to support your quest and mine.

Catherine wrote, “Is not your power in the conviction of who we are?”

The question wrapped inside of her question is, “Who are you?” Isn’t that one of the big three life questions? The other two are, “What is mine to do?” and, “Where am I going?” Who, what, where. Present, past, future.

I like Catherine’s word, “conviction.” It implies that “who” is not a fixed thing but a choice. It is fluid and a decision. We get into a multitude of mazes when we believe any of the big three life questions are fixed outcomes instead of fluid processes.

A friend told a story: many years ago her father was a cartographer doing some work in Canada. One of the indigenous people observing how complex and stressful the cartographer and his crew made their work and lives, said something akin to, “You have it all wrong. A person only needs three things: a person needs to know their name, tell their story, and leave the planet better than when they came into it.” It is simple. Relax.

Who are you? Know your name.

What is yours to do? Tell your story each day. It’s a story.

Where are you going? Unknowable. The best you can do is leave the planet in better shape when you leave.

It’s a kind of nest: your name anchors the story you tell. The story you tell supports a greater story: caring for how you walk through your time on this planet is, if done well, making a better planet. It comes back to Catherine’s question: “Is not your power in the conviction of who we are?”

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  1. this speaks to me.

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