Truly Powerful People (348)

Join me in inspiring truly powerful people. Each day I will add a new thought, story or idea to support your quest and mine.

For the past few months I’ve been having a blast creating and offering two classes. In truth, they are related cycles, aspects of story, processes that I initially understood as paths to creative freedom. Lately I’ve come to understand the cycles as a path to presence – I think all creative processes are attempts at presence. To me, artistry is primarily a way of being. It is how we make ourselves available to the world. Artistry is not something we do; it is how we are when we are doing it.

In a fit of anti-inspiration, I’ve named the cycles Bring Power To Life & Bring Power To Life (2). New names will be coming down the pike and I am open to suggestion.

The first cycle I understand as preparing the soil. It is a process designed to clear the debris from your story, see clearly and enrich your ground truth. It is impossible to close the gap between your espoused and lived values until you see the gap. In metaphor, the wasteland is the vast space between what we espouse and what we live. The first cycle, the ground truth, is an exploration of 6 relationships: Control, Choice, Intention, Motivation, Seeing, and Ownership. Working with these relationships closes the gap and clears the crap (or better, uses the crap to enrich the ground truth). The garden thrives, the grail castle reappears when the armor comes off, when the abstracts fall away and the gap closes between what you say and how you act; you have new relationships with control, choice, intention, motivation, seeing, and ownership.

Once the soil is prepared, once the gap begins to close, creative freedom and presence are available. They are the harvest of a well-prepared garden. They are the harvest of an intentional story. This is the how the second cycle dances with the first:
Changing your relationship with Control opens the channel to Creativity
Changing your relationship with Choice opens the channel to Opportunity
Changing your relationship with Intention opens the channel to Flow
Changing your relationship with Motivation opens the channel to Ease
Changing your relationship with Seeing opens the channel to Relationship
Changing your relationship with Ownership opens the channel to Presence

Spiritual practices would call this “alignment.” The cycles are universal as our life stories are universal. The details may be different, the cultural lens might be unique, but the arc is the same.

(for more information on the cycles, visit my site:

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  1. an ode to language, see you next cycle, now that we have cleared the land the planting begins

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