Truly Powerful People (342)

Join me in inspiring truly powerful people. Each day I will add a new thought, story or idea to support your quest and mine.

I heard this great phrase today: chain of conflict. Like constructing of a good play, track your conflict backwards in time and you can see the story that you tell and tell and tell. It’s mechanical. Keep going back through the chain of triggers and heaps, the chain of choices and story and eventually you will come to a beginning event, a first domino. When did you initially decide that you needed to be perfect? When did you first locate your worth in the perception of others? When did you first decide that you could or could not do something, that you were capable of giving voice to your thoughts or not. Follow the chain and see the story.

There are mini-chains, too. How often has someone’s bad day become your bad day; how did you pass it along? Have you ever carried the anger of a traffic jam hours beyond the jam? Has the smile of a person passing you on the street changed your dark day into something bright? There are chains of conflict and there are chains of peace.

Like a rock tossed in a pond you can start a ripple of conflict or a ripple of pleasure. In fact, you start ripples all the time and you forward ripples all the time whether you know it or not. The trick is to know it, to intend the ripple.

You can also break a life long chain of conflict. The action is the same as stopping dominoes: know it, make a gap and stop the momentum. Break the link. Make a different choice.

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  1. Well said, David. Love this post, so very much. 🙂

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