Truly Powerful People (339)

Join me in inspiring truly powerful people. Each day I will add a new thought, story or idea to support your quest and mine.

There is an oasis in Seattle, a sanctuary for the soul. It is called Eco-Spa. On the surface it’s where I go to get my haircut. Look deeper and it’s the place where people are people, where there is always enough time, the impulse to rush is somehow blocked from entry.

When I was a kid a haircut was done in the backyard. It was akin to a sheep shearing. It was over in minutes and I always left the chair a bit stunned and feeling exposed. Later, haircuts happened in storefronts marked by barber poles. Old guys in white smocks snipped and clipped to the sound of locals playing chess and talking politics. This was a guys place, personal and impersonal all at the same time. The air was heavy with tonic and clipper oil, the combs were plastic and a stipple pen was always at hand for those little accidental ear snips. It was functional, nice, but not nirvana.

The women that opened Eco-Spa wanted to create a place where people are pampered, a place for rejuvenation. They like to help people feel good. They’ve placed the “why” of their business at the center; the “what” comes second. It is intentionally sensual and beautiful. I go there to recharge my battery. What a change from my sheep shearing days! Rachel cuts my hair: she listens like a bartender, intuits like a mystic, massages my head and neck like a pro and knows how to quiet my ranting with hot towels on my face. I confess to whipping up a rant just to receive the towel.

I want to buy the entire IRS a trip to the Eco-Spa. All the rule makers and bureaucracy enforcers need someone to love on them and learn what it is to actually serve another person. They live in the world of the senselessness and sheep shearing – imagine what a good massage and a hot towel treatment could do for their worldview.

The best part is that I’m learning how to carry the Eco-Spa beyond the Eco-Spa. I’m learning that the Eco-Spa is more than a place, it is an intention. I can carry the sense-full, the simple kindness, and the eyes to see beauty wherever I go – and the Eco–Spa is there waiting for me when I forget and need to remember what is important – or get my hair cut.

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  1. I WANNA GO!!!! (She says, whining.)

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