Truly Powerful People (336)

Join me in inspiring truly powerful people. Each day I will add a new thought, story or idea to support your quest and mine.

The talk in class today was of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle: you can only know the location or the velocity/speed of a particle, but not both. It’s either the location (fixed place) or the velocity (fluid movement).

I have always appreciated the language of this principle. It gives me hope for a world that acknowledges uncertainty with a principle. And, to add paradox to the paradox, I appreciate that the principle of uncertainty is actually an either/or statement! Isn’t this a great description of human consciousness? If I were a Martian and had to describe the human mind, I’d say, “Oh, that’s easy: it’s so complex as to be uncertain but it always reduces itself to black or white thinking.” Heisenberg knew what he was doing! My Martian self would conclude, “Those humans feel better when they have the illusion of certainty. They like to be right! They like to be chosen. They do not like not knowing.”

It shows up in other ways, too. When we judge ourselves or other people we are locating ourselves. Once you brand yourself with a label like Not Good Enough, you’ve defined your location. Once you’ve branded someone else with a label, you’ve fixed them in your mind and the label inhibits any movement or growth. Armed with your measuring stick and score card you will find that movement to another location is impossible until you decide to let go of your current location and step into the relationship (movement). Listen to the political debates and you’ll hear hard fast statements of unwavering belief. There’s lot’s of flag-planting and territory claiming: location, location, location. Once those feet are planted and beliefs are fixed, movement is nearly impossible. Just ask Congress.

Location is not better than movement, movement is not better than location, both are necessary and, in truth, the movement never stops (it is part of that birth to death thing). What stops is our capacity to grow and engage with the world in a meaningful way when we fix our location for too long. That’s why all good stories start with the main character getting knocked off balance, getting kicked out of comfort and spiraling into the adventure.

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