Truly Powerful People (327)

Join me in inspiring truly powerful people. Each day I will add a new thought, story or idea to support your quest and mine.

Sometimes I think all of life is a set-up for a joke or it is the punch line (wow, I just noticed for the first time in my life the language around jokes: set-up to be punched). This day had all the characteristics of a good set-up. Lora’s health has been in a down cycle and she is struggling – there is nothing I can do and it is hard to watch her struggle. She had a procedure very early this morning that she somehow navigated through extreme fatigue, a migraine headache and the incapacity to keep food or water in her system. I was supposed to be co-teaching a teleclass at the same time I needed to take her to the procedure so I listened in to the class, tried to participate, but my earpiece died (the universe is regularly telling me to do one thing at a time and it’s method is to disable my technology). I got Lora home and back in bed and then had to run to do some errands to get information together for a special IRS audit for which I’ve been selected – I received the congratulations letter a few days ago. The letter read like I hit the lotto. “Congratulations!” it exclaimed. “Oh, hell!” I replied as my lotto winning assumptions morphed into visions of incarceration. Talk about a set-up!

Needless to say, as I returned with my envelope of secret documents, receipts and other IRS necessities, I was having a serious discussion with myself about karma and past life transgression. “I must have really been awful,” I mused. The day was too pretty for me to invest in self-pity so I stopped the car and took a walk by the water. The truth beneath the circumstance is that I love life. I love being alive in my life. That was not always the case but more and more it’s true for me. I thought about how much of my morning would be good fodder for a misery tale if that were the story I chose to tell. It’s just as possible to be a story of generosity. The medical folks at the clinic treated Lora like she was the most important patient in the world. I never doubted for a moment that Alan, my co-teaching partner, wouldn’t cover the class; he is the spirit of generosity. I have an accountant who threw herself in front of the IRS train on my behalf the moment she knew it was coming. These experiences are rich and colorful and I can story them any way I choose.

Here’s the punch line: As I walked up the stairs to my apartment I thought, “There’s always a gift,” and as I turned the corner I saw, propped against my door, a package, a flat rate box from the postal service, if it fits it ships. And it did (fit and shipped)! And what fit in the box and shipped to me was an abundance of treats from Megan – a just-because gift. I sat in the hall in front of my apartment and laughed like a kid at Christmas as I pulled coffee and music and chocolate and amazing scarves for warmth out of the box. This box will make Lora’s day. It made mine. Timing is everything in a good joke and the same is true with a good gift. This gift packed a huge punch. And I can’t wait to pay it forward.

3 Responses

  1. at 2:58 in the morning, this is exactly the story I needed to hear ,,., <3's to you & Lora …

  2. I love those stories and how they weave together, and I love the reminder about the choices we have in what stories we choose to tell and keep, and I love the happy surprise in your mail. 🙂 Hope you and Lora are well today…sending lots of good energy your way.

  3. David, thanks for this story. Best of love and healing to you and Lora. You remind how precious surprises are, I am always up for that, reminds me why I love the post office too.

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