Truly Powerful People (315)

Join me in inspiring truly powerful people. Each day I will add a new thought, story or idea to support your quest and mine.

When Bluetooth earpieces were new and business guys in suits ate their lunch, drank their martinis and posed on street corners with their power symbol literally stuck in their ears, Albert went on a rant. He is a keen observer, comfortable on the margins of society so he is less susceptible to gadget status. He does not chase after the next new thing. “Oh, please!” he raved as he imitated the strut of an imaginary broker, posing and prancing around our table answering faux calls. I am a good audience and the more I laughed the more outrageous his rant became. “You won’t catch me dead wearing one of those things!” he proclaimed as he sat down to finish his coffee. That was six years ago.

Today, Albert and I talked for the first time in months. He lives in Los Angeles so I see him rarely but we talk often. “You can’t believe what happened to me!” he exclaimed. “I was walking down the street wearing my new shades thinking I look pretty good for a 50 year old guy. My phone rang and I answered it. And then I realized – oh no! – I’ve become one of those guys! I had one of those things in my ear! And, I wear it all the time! Oh, nooooo!” he howled and laughed. “What’s become of us?” I could not see the imitation he did of himself strutting down the street but the narration of his inner monologue was priceless. “I don’t look so bad,” collided head-on with “I’ve become that guy!” Never say never.

I adore Albert. His capacity for keen observation extends as far inside himself as it does to the world around him. His capacity for laughter and humor is endless and he applies it to his own foibles as well as to the quirks of others. Mostly, he reminds me not to take any of this too seriously. When we were in college he’d say, “We’re just making this stuff up!” and then he’d lapse into thought, take a drag on his cigarette and say, “you’d think we’d want to make up something better.” And then he’d laugh.

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  1. AHHH This made me howl with laughter! Please please watch this clip of Portlandia which deals with the exact same thing. I just saw this last night, and then opened my e-mail to this blog posting. Too perfect!
    A cyclist with his own distinct personality keeps seeing the same yuppie in different places doing what the cyclist does. The cyclist declares, “Such and such is so OVER!” The bar that had been the cyclist’s favorite is “SO OVER” upon seeing the yuppie in said bar. The particular art the cyclist does is “SO OVER” when he sees the yuppie doing the same art. You’ll have to watch to see the awesome ending. *Beth

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