Truly Powerful People (312)

Join me in inspiring truly powerful people. Each day I will add a new thought, story or idea to support your quest and mine.

I’ve been asking a lot of people a lot of questions about the work I do. I ask questions like, “What brought you to work with me?” or “What attracted you to this work?” or simply, “What do you see?” I’m asking because my business posse, my pals who know business better than I do, tells me that I’m supposed to have a “target audience.” “Who is your audience?” they ask. There is very little common ground shared by the people that stumble into my business. “Everyone,” I respond. So, I unpack the bag for them:

Everyday I have potent conversations with people about their power and empowerment. Everyday I’m reinforced in my assumption that the single quality that makes a person truly powerful is their capacity to empower others. It’s a conscious intention, not separate from the other work they do, it is a way of doing the work that they do.

The word “power” can be an obstacle for some. It is a word loaded with trash-potential. Some folks don’t want anything to do with power because they think power means to have supremacy. In some circles I suppose that is a definition of power. I’d call that control. The desire for supremacy is born of fear; the objective of supremacy is to control.

Power is not something that can be given or taken away. It is something that is invoked within someone and amplified in relationship with others. Empowerment is found in the intention to amplify. My best work should inspire your best. I cannot be fully powerful if you are not also powerful. Our best (or worst) is never isolated or separate from impact. It all matters and we get to choose what we create together.

“Who needs to step into their power and intend empowerment?” I ask my business posse (hoping that they will help me recognize my target). “Everyone,” they nod their heads in agreement. “So, what do you see?” I ask, looping back to the place I started. “Well,” they wrinkle their brows and say, “who’s your target?”

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  1. Who do you start feeding to solve world hunger? Those who are hungry, or those who realize they are hungry?

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