Truly Powerful People (299)

Join me in inspiring truly powerful people. Each day I will add a new thought, story or idea to support your quest and mine.

We had a great conversation in class today. Alan and I co-facilitated a discussion about one of the Hermetic Laws, Correspondence, (As within, so without. As above, so below), and how the principle relates to coaching and personal responsibility. Correspondence is, in Alan’s words, about “communicating with…,” it is, to use again my metaphor from yesterday, about the dance of giving and receiving, distinction and oneness as paradox: two ways of experiencing yourself. In Correspondence, there is no separation; you impact everything, everything impacts you. In this sense, you create everything and everything creates you.

It is a powerful shift of perception when you cease thinking of yourself as a bystander and realize that you are a participant. Even as an observer, no matter how passive you believe yourself to be, you are changing the equation; you are in relationship – or to be more specific: you are a relationship. Your choice is about how you want to participate.

Plenty of us stare into our television sets and complain about the state of the world; we believe we are too little to have an impact. Others march and protest. Others go to work everyday, everyday, everyday. Some of us raise children, some of us write poetry, sing or dance. Some of us run for office, govern, practice law, practice medicine, play basketball and some of us vote. We commute, we bank, we purchase, we consume, we worship, we produce, we rest, and none of it happens in a vacuum. We commune. We commune globally (warning, here comes a mini-rant: the economy has been global since Marco Polo. Those spices in your spice rack didn’t come from Kansas. Chances are that grandma’s fine china was not made in the continental United States. Innovation has always happened at the cultural crossroads and the United States is nothing if not humanities first intentional crossroad. Movements to “bring jobs back to America” or to “buy American” are fundamentally unclear on the concept or locked into an old world notion. Functionally, there is no “us and them:” that thinking is born of fear and a desire to have power-over. That’s why the recognition of Correspondence is so potent: there is no separation, there is only what we create together. Change always moves from the inside out and that goes for nations as well as individuals).

As one of our class members said, “You can ask yourself a rhetorical question, ‘Why is this happening to me?’ This question will provide the illusion that you have no responsibility. Or you can ask yourself a very different question. The second question looks very much like the first but is fundamentally different. As an active participant in life, as a creator, ask with curiosity, ‘Why is this happening?” It all depends upon how you choose to participate.

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