Truly Powerful People (297)

Join me in inspiring truly powerful people. Each day I will add a new thought, story or idea to support your quest and mine.

Sometimes the smallest pebble unleashes an enormous avalanche. This morning I decided on a whim to clean out a computer file; a small gesture to begin the new year with one less file. Soon entire folders were disappearing, years of accumulated blather whisked onto thumb drive (a little e-mausoleum). Before I knew it I was possessed and found myself cleaning out filing cabinets, storage boxes and drawers. I hovered above my body and watched myself organize 2011 receipts and bank statements (I wondered if I was actually possessed by David Miller, artist extraordinaire, one of my heroes, and the only person I’ve ever know who loves to prepare his own taxes). I prepared numbers for my accountant, paid bills that didn’t need paying, and set up new files for 2012. “What’s happening to me, “ I thought as I cackled and sequenced bank statements.

I came back to consciousness when the sun went down. I was staring at my closet suppressing the impulse to take all of my clothes to Value Village when I realized it was dark and the day was past. I was a bit disappointed realizing that, instead of being a vampire coming to life at sunset, a shape shifter with eternal life, I had become an obsessive-compulsive office assistant by the light of day. And, although I might have wanted a more dramatic story, I couldn’t be more surprised at my actions today. The sun down saved me – can you imagine the clothes I’d have found in my closet if I’d let my new persona do the shopping?

Day one of 2012 was a festival of clearing. It was a feast of reorganization. It was more than a step toward discomfort – it was a mad sprint toward things I generally avoid. It was astonishing and playful and fun. And it bodes well for an amazing year of wonderment

What I learned today: I can have a good time doing anything. And, I think I will choose to have a good time doing anything all year. What will you choose?

2 Responses

  1. Would those imagined clothes be black? Loving your writings, David. Happy New Year!

  2. I love this, I do this sometimes, never planning too, just like this. I also do our taxes, I love doing the taxes, one thing about it, is I know what is going on in my tax world all the other days of the year too. i hired an accountant to teach me and review my work many years ago, I consider my final product a work of art.

    Welcome to madness.

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