Truly Powerful People (198)

Join me in inspiring truly powerful people. Each day I will add a new thought, story or idea to support your quest and mine.

Occasionally I have days when there is no gas in my tank, no thought in my head, no impulse to do anything. I call them “filing days” or “no power tools” days. I used to resist them. I used to push through them and force some kind of movement (and sometimes nearly cut off my fingers, thus the “no power tools”). I always paid a price.

Today I am empty. I am more empty than I can possibly describe. It is passages through emptiness that taught me – or required me – to distinguish between the energy (the feeling) and the story that I tell myself about it. Working with the energy is useful. Investing in the story is not. Emptiness provides an opportunity to sense – to stop all action and pay attention to what I feel.

The story was (and is) always a story of resistance. I am as puritan as the next guy in my orientation to the world but I have slowly recognized the power of non-resistance, the necessity of non-pursuit. Rejuvenation is sometimes only found in stillness, in non-action. My inner-puritan wants toil and hard pews, it warns me that rest is for the wicked and I smile (a particularly wicked smile) as I sit in the sun with my book. It yammers for a spell and quiets after a while, it has learned that I’m no longer invested in inner persecution.

Productivity will sooner return if I honor the emptiness of this day. And feel the sun on my face.

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  1. ah vacation and rest time for an “accomplishment hog”

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