Truly Powerful People (169)

Join me in inspiring truly powerful people. Each day I will add a new thought, story or idea to support your quest and mine.

Straying beyond the boundaries of your assumptions is called divergence. We see what we expect to see; we see what we believe, so it is more difficult than you might imagine to truly diverge, to truly see things beyond what you expect to see. That is why problem solving in complex situations (anything to do with people is complex) is so problematic: with the problem solvers comes the assumption set that created the problem in the first place. Most solutions to problems will only serve to complicate the problem.

When working with people wrestling with their creativity, it is inevitably the assumption (belief) that they are not creative that needs challenging. It is not the skills. It is not the eyes or the hands. It is the foot on the brakes, the hands around the throat of their creative impulse.

Divergence is nothing more than challenging your assumptions. Creativity is nothing more than honoring your capacity to step into uncertainty – to see what is there and play with what you find. Stepping into uncertainty requires releasing control (taking your foot off the brake, taking your hands off of your throat, not listening to Mr. So-n-So who told you 20 years ago that you couldn’t sing/draw/dance).

Make a mess. Take a step. Fall down. Throw it away and start over. Be wrong and celebrate the dropped balls. What could be more miserable than to be human (the greatest storytelling creature in the history of the planet and maybe the universe) and believe that you are not creative?

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