Truly Powerful People (135)

Join me in inspiring truly powerful people. Each day I will add a new thought, story or idea to support your quest and mine.

My dear friend was a preacher, son of a preacher. We’ve been friends for a long time. A few weeks after his first child was born we took a walk and I asked him about becoming a father; I do not have children and I wanted to know how he felt and what he thought about as his identity now included “father.”

He told me that as he held his little baby for the first time, looked at the miracle of his child, he wondered how this little being could be filled with sin as his doctrine demanded. It was hard for him to accept yet his faith required him to believe in the notion that nature is fundamentally corrupt, especially human nature.

I do not mean to step on any person’s faith. I have an honest relationship with my friend and we treasure our capacity to see the world through different eyes and dialogue about the differences; it was not an assault on his faith when I told him that I thought this notion (original sin) was misunderstood and a great example of crap thinking; it provided a brilliant recipe for cooking up a culture of self-loathers.

If you assume that you are born corrupt, your thoughts, your impulses, your feelings,… your SELF, is never to be trusted. You must literally divorce yourself from your self; inner wisdom is nearly impossible when you are obligated to seek your answers from someone else (and, to compound the disaster, you have to interpret the answers you receive and since you are interpreting from a place of corruption, you will corrupt any answers you receive. Aiyeeee! Talk about your vicious circles!).

You can never be the resource that you need. Being held accountable for your actions is a measure of how well you deny yourself. All horrors are easily explained and justified when corruption is the ground zero of your thinking. Fear yourself and see how much love you generate.

Assume corruption and you will see corruption and you will create corruption. Fear will be your driver. You might experience power over others but you will never know power with others or power within your self.

We hold miracles in our hands every day and we miss it (corrupt it); it is hard to see even the brightest light through a lens the self-doubt, self-denial, and self-judgment.

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