Truly Powerful People (18)


Join me in inspiring truly powerful people. Each day I will add a new thought, story or idea to support your quest and mine.

Empowered people empower others because they are not trying to control things that they cannot control. In fact, they have a different relationship with the word, “control.”

It is like this: are you invested in the idea that you can control what others think, see, or feel? You can’t. You can never determine what others think, see, or feel – that is theirs to control, not yours. Neither can they control what you think see or feel; even if you want others to be responsible for what you feel, they can’t. That is yours.

What you think is yours to think (it is a choice – a subject for another day). What you feel is yours to feel. What you see is yours to interpret. Empowered people empower others because they own what is theirs and are clear about what is not theirs to own. They have no need to seek their value in other people’s responses so they have no need to control other people’s perceptions. They know their worth so they have no need to prove it or defend it. Their worth cannot be taken.

Imagine what might happen in your life and relationships when you no longer invest in the idea that others are responsible for your feelings. What will you do with all of your thoughts and time when you give up the notion that you can control what others see or think or feel!

2 Responses

  1. Right on the money, honey. Good one.

    No matter what you do, it will displease someone, or perhaps many (often my experience). No matter what you do, nobody else will actually realize what it means to you, its real value, even though some may admire your work or action or words.

    But if you do what you need to do, and it’s real to you, and ethical to you, you are doing the real work, the life worth living.

    That sense of self and that kind of action, then, is the real basis of your relationships with others. Their reactions are not the point. Your actions are. (I know, that’s just what you said…)

    Then, reciprocation furthers, as the Priest might say to The Superior Man.

    You got to the nitty-gritty today, David. I had to chime in.

  2. David, I’ve been enjoying this series immensely. It’s serving as inspiration for my day, from a very smart cookie (see reference to the “smart cookie” 😉 here:

    Thanks for your insights. They’re wonderful reminders of our class.

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